Hong Kong and Macau Leo Foundation


From past experiences, the LEOs have been trying hard to perform and contribute in the social service arena; various events and social community functions have been organized during each year.

There is a lack of encouragement to the LEOs relevant to the foresight of becoming a Lion after they are matured at 30 years old. Most importantly, the LEOs major concern is the financial commitment of becoming Lions. Some of them have expressed difficulties to maintain a minimum contribution of dues and expenses on charitable and service work of between HK$12,000 and 14,000 per year.

The Hong Kong and Macau Leo Foundation is an entity voluntarily formed by District Governor Teresa Mann in the year 2002. The major purposes of forming such a Foundation are, among others, to achieve the following goals:

  1. To encourage the LEOs to become Lions after they are matured at 30 years old; thus, increasing the Lions membership;
  2. To provide assistance to the LEOs who want to continue their service career in community and charity work with Lions. Such assistance will include financial support and/or giving subsidies for their contribution [see Note below], for those qualified LEOs for a period of no more than three years;
  3. To broaden the overall image and the scope of services of Lions and the "WE SERVE" spirit in the social community.

The Foundation was established on December 27, 2002. It was sponsored by the District Governor Teresa Mann by contributing a foundation fund of HK$50,000 to begin with. This fund will be used to support the applicants who wish to become Lions.

This Foundation welcomes any voluntary contribution from any of the Lions members and non-Lions.

An Application Committee has been established and the members of the first Executive Committee have also been appointed by the District Governor Mann. The Foundation will be governed by an Executive Committee which has the power and duty to supervise the use of its funds.

[Note: In order to comply with the Inland Revenue Ordinance, the Foundation will grant a subsidy of up to 100% of the targeted clubs service and/or charity fund in respect of the contribution by the newly admitted member.]


An applicant must comply with the following rules and conditions:

  1. The LEO must have attained the age of 30 and is bound to leave his/her Leos Club because of age and he/she must have been a LEO member for a minimum of three years at the time of leaving.
  2. The applicant must fill out an Application Form provided by the Foundation and obtain appropriate signatures of the sponsors together with the following particulars and information:
    •  The Application Form must be accompanied with recommendation and appraisal from the respective Presidents and the Secretaries of the LEO Club and the sponsoring Lions Club.
    •  He/she must obtain the endorsement of the President of the Lions Club which he/she prefers to join.
  3. The Application Form once completed must be submitted to the Application Committee.
  4. The applicant agrees to attend an interview organized by the Application Committee and he/she must be prepared to answer questions relevant to Lions Clubs. The Application Committee will then forward its recommendation to the Executive Committee for approval.
  5. The applicant agrees to bear the annual District dues and International dues and expenses of the Lions Club he/she shall belong to.

The Executive Committee reserves the right to approve or decline a recommendation of any application.

The Executive Committee has the sole right to change or amend these Rules and Conditions.

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