Lions Kidney Educational Centre (LKEC)

The Lions Kidney Educational Centre (L.K.E.C.) is a registered charity founded by Lions Clubs International, District 303 Hong Kong and Macao, China. L.K.E.C. devotes to education, research into the prevention of kidney diseases, health promotion, and to provide a low-cost haemodialysis service for those kidney patients in financial difficulties. All the founded Lion members (L.K.E.C.) involved in this project have worked hard throughout the year since 1987, raised funds among fellow Lions and from the public, and secured assistance from medical practitioners and professionals. With the enthusiastic support of our Lion members, the Sister of Precious blood and the public at large, the first "Kidney Educational Centre" in Hong Kong was officially opened to serve the public on 8th September 1991. L.K.E.C. is established in the Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas), Castle Peak Road, Kowloon. (Tel:2386 5134 Fax:2748 7792)

General Objectives:

  1. To reduce the incidence of kidney disease through health promotion and prevention;
  2. To enhance the quality of life of kidney patients through self-reliance and social net-working; and
  3. To contribute towards equity and the goals of Health for All.

The educational programmes and exhibitions currently organised by the centre to promote kidney health and prevention of kidney diseases have been well received by the public and professionals. In addition, specialised training courses for renal nurses are also held periodically to train nursing staff from various hospitals to assist the renal patients on the various aspects of kidney failure management. The issue of certificate to those nursing staff who have completed the renal training course conducted by L.K.E.C. has been officially recognized by the Hospital Authority since 1996. The Dialysis Centre has developed from 4 dialysis machines to 16 machines to cope with the ever increasing demand. In view of our long waiting list of kidney patients, the Centre is going to expand its service with the establishment of a new centre named as Lions Kidney Educational Centre & Research Foundation Chan Wong Sau Wah Memorial Renal Dialysis Centre. The new centre is scheduled to be in operation in November 1999 and will be installed with 8-16 dialysis machines. With the opening of the new centre, we believe more patients will benefit from our low-cost, efficient and quality haemodialysis services.

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