Service Projects in China

  • SightFirst China Action

    Lions "SightFirst China Action Committee" was formed in 1997 with the support of China Disable Persons' Federation and the Ministry of Health. This is an unprecedented five years service project whereby blindness prevention experts, blindness prevention organizations, governments and Lions volunteers join in an effort to establish long-term solutions in elimination of preventable and reversible blindness. Cataract patients in China especially those from provty-stricken rural areas are, for the first time blessed with the opportunity of regaining their sight. Lions "SightFirst China Action" committee did not waste any time.

  • 「殘疾孤兒手術康服明天計劃」

    此計劃為國內肢體傷殘的孤兒提供義診,給他們進行矯治手術及康服,以增強他們的自立能力,改變坎坷的命運。這項計劃為期三年,由中華人民共和國民政部每年撥款$ 1億元人民幣作為經費,另國際獅子會基金、303區會、廣東獅子會等共撥款$25萬美元支持是項服務。
  • Major Service Projects in China

Apart from the SightFirst China Action sight-saving project, Lions Clubs and individual Lions in the District have been making significant contributions to help improving people's livelihood in the mainland. Over the years, billions of dollars had been donated to help building hospitals, schools, homes for the elderly in remote areas of mainland China. The followings are some of the major ones:

Ma Kam Ming Eye Center in Beijing

Tam Wah Ching Hospital

Wah Ching School at Mentauguo, Beijing

Wong Chung Ying Hospital

Da Xin Zhuang Xiang Hung Hin Shiu Hospital

Dai Dong Yue Hospital at Miyuan Xian, Beijing

Lions Village at Wuhan

Tianjian Employment Service Center for Disabled Persons

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